Praying without ceasing

Let me share some of my insights when it comes to people who just “know” God if only they have a wish, who remember God only if they are praying. And when they finished praying, they cut all connections to Him.

I started to notice these traits to majority of self-proclaimed religious Filipinos since I was in first year college ten years ago. They remember God only on Sabbath Day, or when it is about Christmas time. Many invited me to attend Missa de Gallo, a series of 9 midnight masses before December 25. But as an atheist at that time, I replied to these people, “You just praise God when it is only Christmas season? You will give an effort to rise from bed at 4am just to go to church, but on the previous Sundays you did not went to church? How come? Is it just because there are more pretty girls around at that Missa de Gallo mass and you want to just “spot” them, and not remember to praise God?”

(In my future blog I will share my story of from being an “atheist-on-purpose” to coming back to God.)

Now fast forward to the recent time, it was February 18 this year, Ash Wednesday here in the Philippines. Same story: I noticed some people who I knew did not regularly remember God, but because they saw that other people have a charcoal cross mark on their foreheads, and they just wanted to become “in”, so they went to church so they can post something to Facebook that they had just remembered God. Seriously? Just for the sake of it?

So I kind of post something to Facebook to “counterpunch” these people:


English translation:

“We cannot impress God if we just only set aside some time for Him, e.g. we will become believers only when it is Ash Wednesay, or only when Misa de Gallo during Christmas season, or only when the Pope arrives, or only Sundays – then forget God during the rest of the days? It is not like that!!!!”

I know, who am I to criticize other people? I know I’m not perfect, but I just want to increase their awareness, that what they are doing is wrong. We must remember God all the time. All the time! It is like we are praying without ceasing.


Published by

Brian Migue

From atheist to believer. I was constantly searching for my true purpose in Life, but now I discovered that my true purpose in Life is to search for the true purpose of Life itself.

4 thoughts on “Praying without ceasing”

  1. Where’s your LIKE button? Haha. Anyway I can’t agree enough on the Ash Wednesday part! I’m actually not sure what to feel when I saw people posting photos with ashes on their foreheads. Should I feel happy that they’re patronizing the sacraments? Or feel bad about those whom you know that it’s all for social media purposes. And yes I don’t act so self righteous too so i kept my mouth shut about it. Anyway you’re an atheist before? Amazing!


    1. Yep atheist ako before and I did it on purpose, just to pissed off “religious-kuno” hypocrites. But I do good things naman. Golden Rule. Hehe. Basta ike-kwento ko yung sa next blog ko. But thanks anyways! Ikaw rin magaganda posts mo.. 🙂

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